Nature's Miracle® Hooded Cat Litter Pan

  • $30.95

product highlights

Eliminate odors form your litter box from spreading throughout your home with the help of the Nature's Miracle Hooded Flip Top Litter Box. This litter box includes a charcoal filter that absorbs the toughest litter box odors and keeps your litter area smelling fresh. Meanwhile, its snap latches and flip top front make cleaning a breeze, and its non-stick surface prevents litter build-up caused by spraying.


  • Built-in odor neutralizer system
  • Charcoal filter absorbs tough litter box odors
  • Enclosed hood helps prevent litter scatter and leaks from spraying
  • Easy-to-use snap latches and flip top front opening make clean-up quick

    Includes: 1 Litter Box 
    Color: Gray
    Environment: Indoors
    Dimensions: 19.125 in x 25.125 in x 11.75 in (48.5 x 63.8 x 29.8 cm)
    Material: Plastic