Nature's Miracle® Corner Disposable Cat Litter Box

Nature's Miracle® Corner Disposable Cat Litter Box

  • $12.99

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Employing a Nature's Miracle Disposable Corner Litter Box in your home is convenient and easy. This litter box keeps litter drier and fresher for longer. Furthermore, it is made from breathable material and contains baking soda to provide extra protection against odors. And with no leaking or shredding, clean-up is always a breeze.

Features: Space-saving corner design. Large enough for multi-cat households. 

Environment Type: Litter Box
Species: Cat
Color: White
Package Dimensions:17.5 in W x 12.6 in D x 4.25 in H
Caution: Always wash hands thoroughly after handling the litter box. 

Cleaning Instructions:
Directions: Just fill with your favorite brand of litter and scoop waste daily. Replenish litter as needed maintaining 2 in to 3 in deep. Then when you are ready, simply throw the box and its contents away and start with a fresh clean box and litter.