Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed

  • $99.00

Shark Week is every week for your kitty with this awesome Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed! A dorsal fin, dark eyes and (not-so-sharp) teeth make this bed a fun addition to any decor, and it's perfect for cat napping, playing, watching the world go by or pretending to be the apex predator of the deep.

The hexagonal Cat Ball cat bed design has two openings: the small one is about 6" diameter, and the larger one is about 10".

- The bed diameter is about 17", the height is about 16".
- All cotton fabrics
- Fins can be ironed
- Cat Ball cat bed design is flexible and made without any internal wires

Shark Washing Instructions:
- We strongly recommend using a front loading washing machine (or a machine that does not have an agitator).
- Turn shark inside out, remove excess hair (turning inside out will help to protect the eyes and fins).
- Use cold water.
- Do not ever, ever, bleach sharks. Sharks do not like bleach.
- If your machine has an agitator, wash the shark alone. All alone.
- Dry the shark on low, leaving it still inside out.
- Shark fins can be carefully ironed, but do not ever iron the shark body.