Toronto Store Clerk Caught Hiding 7 Million CAD In His Pack

Posted by Sameen Shaw on

Toronto, Canada – Tyler Eanes is your average convenience store clerk that works night shifts Monday through Friday. But one Saturday night changed his life situation dramatically.

It all started when a young couple came into the store on Sycamore Drive around 10pm. The couple was rather intoxicated, Tyler recalls and solely came in to buy snacks, and cigarettes. The last order was a $10 lottery ticket.

Drunkenly, the couple dropped the lottery ticket as they left the store and Tyler didn’t notice until maybe an hour after they left.

“I decided to hold the lottery ticket for them for 24 hours, but after that I think it’s safe to call the ticket mine,” Tyler said.

The next day, that lottery ticket turned out to have the winning jackpot numbers! With the jackpot of over 7 million CAD, Tyler just couldn’t believe his luck.

Unfortunately, neither did his boss and coworkers who were incredibly suspicious of Tyler’s story. One of his coworkers even reported to the lottery officials to look into the situation.

“I went from absolute joy, to dealing with robbery charges,” Tyler states.

“It wasn’t until days later when the Police looked at the security camera footage when the charges were dropped and I was legally allowed to claim my 7 million CAD. Praise the Lord.”

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