Things To Know When Dating A Cat Lady

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Cats are one of the most interesting of household pets for the sole reason that they seem to have an uncanny ability of running the show. Through manipulation, adorableness and independence cats jump to the top of the social pyramid and they know it too. If you have ever had a cat growing up or dated someone who has a cat then you likely understand how much love there is for the feline companion, however if you don't understand this then dating a cat fanatic might be quite a shock and considerable challenge. If somebody loved has a cat then do the best possible to assimilate and get along with the ruler of the home....the kitty.


1. Never ever say anything negative about the cat or it will likely cause an argument. Instead choose to ignore or even highlight adorable aspects of the cat.


2. The cat will always be a part of her life so remember that to love her, loving the cat is a requirement. 


3. Try being as crazy as they are for the cat. Its easier to get along when both people like cats.


4. Understand that they might appear to show more affection for the cat then perhaps other people but recognise that this is because when love is shown to another human it comes with greater value and weight.


5. When spending time together at the home understand that the cat is part of the family too and that they will likely sleep on the couch, or a lap or anywhere really so dress accordingly and don't wear expensive trousers. Opt for cozy lounge pants instead so it doesn't matter when they get ruined. 


6. Most people that like cats are likely to adore most other pets so don't assume that they wont like a dog or bunny or even a snake. Pet owners are some of the most animal compassionate people in the world.


7. Sleeping zones will be flexible and don't be upset if it is common for the cat to sleep in the bed with the two of you.


8. If the relationship is not working because of a cat then it is likely not to have worked anyway so don't blame a cute feline for relationship troubles. Also if one of the parties has a allergy to a cat then understand that problem and work around it don't make it into an ultimatum. 


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