Teacher Leaves Her Job Moments After Pupils Find Out Her Secret

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A teacher from New Zealand recently had to leave her profession due her pupils are the remainder of staff finding out that she had been secretly writing a blog about her experiences as a teacher. Even going under the guise of a pseudo name, Emily Clarke from Auckland, New Zealand still have to resign as the school leading English and Drama teacher. Emily found that her resignation was forced due to the pressure from faculty and parents and that it was completely unreasonable.

“I was not writing anything cruel or untruthful about my time as teacher, I didn’t mention names or the school I was employed by, everything was written in secret on my personal blog which I use as a personal diary”.

The blog contained personal day to day entries about Emily's time as a teacher as well as some anecdotes and personal reflections. It highlight some key and interesting points about the teaching profession, some of which are often overlooked. Overwork and lack of support are driving teachers across New Zealand out much faster than they can be replaced. Schools across the nation are undergoing stricter and stricter budgets and an increase in overall enrollment. A piece from her blog entry details just how far the teaching situation has gotten in recent years.

“I have to lesson plan for a class of over 50 students and this keeps me up until 1am. Its almost impossible to cover the material needed with the constant interruptions from the pupils. How do they expect me to manage a class of that size and give the pupils a chance of passing.Parents and reviews are dictating my future as a professional teacher and it is outrageous. I spend my holidays marking and correcting exams.”

In a recent survey carried out by the government polling scheme it states that almost every teacher knows someone who has left the profession, retired early, had a breakdown, or been signed off work with stress. Emily’s descriptive highlighting of the current situation angered parents and administrators as they believed she did not care for the well being of her students and was just being lazy. Her blog was discovered by a students parent who had managed to undercover the identity of Emily based purely on speculation. When Emily admitted that it was her personal blog she was advised to retire.

Emily has brought a wonderful light to teachers in the workplace and the fact that 20% of teacher training vacancies are unfilled. Currently Emily is working in a government branch of education to help address the problem and has stated that she feels “wonderful and excited” in her new role. Well done Emily, there is always a silver lining.

The story has reached thousands of followers over the last few weeks and really highlights the importance of community spirit and kind actions. Teachers are often overlooked but they are some of the most underappreciated people. If you would like to read more similar stories then visit our blog. You can also sign up to our mailing list for discounts on our webstore.

Teachers shape the future and people like Emily are shaping a great one!

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