Single Father Leaves His Parents This Letter And It May Change Your Life Forever

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(MONTREAL) -- For their 50th anniversary, these two lovely grandparents were left in tears after receiving an unforgettable letter and gift from their son.

Sean James always tried his best at everything he did, especially when it came to providing for his family. But after some unlucky opportunities, he was close to being broke.

Things became even more depressing when his wife left him and their kids, admitting that she couldn't deal with their poor situation anymore.

Sean had no choice but to move back in with his parents. They were more than happy to take care of him and his kids.

Picking up a job as a waiter and taking online classes part time, Sean was determined to provide again for his family as well as gift his parents something special.

Fortunately for him, two weeks later, he was able to give them flights and tickets to a cruise in the Caribbean for their Anniversary with a letter that read:

Dear Mama and Papa,

Words cannot express the gratitude and love that I have for you. You've always been supportive, but in my most desperate times I really can't thank you enough. I knew that once I had something to repay you with, that I would do that instantly and thank God that I finally can.

I hope you enjoy your trip to paradise. Happy Anniversary!


Your Son and Grandchildren <3

This viral love letter has received praise by thousands of people on the internet, so much that we decided to reach out to Sean and have him share his story:

“I was watching watching one of those antiques shows where people take their old antiques in for valuation. Well it turns out an item, a vase, was valued at $250,000, and was only one of one of five made in the world. But that’s where it gets interesting.

It turns out that my exwife made me purchase the exact same one! I remembered putting it in storage when I moved back in with my Mama and Papa. I took it in for a private valuation, and lo and behold it was genuine and worth upwards of $200,000! I promptly put it on the market and it sold for a whopping $327,000!”

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