Pregnant Waitress Gave Away Free Meals to Struggling Family. Later, Gets The Surprise of Her Life

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A waitress got the surprise of a lifetime at a local restaurant on Tuesday from someone you wouldn’t expect.

She has been a waitress at this Golden Diner for the past 2 years. According to many customers, her smile and positive attitude is one of the main reasons they come back.

“It’s surprising how she always seems so happy even though she sometimes has to be the only waitress around during the busiest hours,” Rosie McArthur states.

Being raised by a single mother, She is no stranger to hard work. “It’s in my blood,” She says. “Whether it’s my family or my community, I’m always here to provide the best service with a smile to whoever needs it. You never know what a day that person has had.”

So it came as no surprise when, 2 months ago, She took it upon herself to give a struggling family one free meal a day. Down on their luck, the Connor’s had to leave their Houston home and live out of their van. One day, She noticed the family with a sign politely asking for any help or food.

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“It just hurt me to see their two little girls meet their parents after school with no hope in having a proper dinner later,” She said. “I’m just happy to be that person who can provide that to some good people in need.”

Well put! And a heartwarming gesture for sure, but one that the father, Ryan Connor, certainly wasn’t in a position to repay her for.

Later that night, the Connor’s left a gift addressed to She for free spa day on the table.

"I couldn't believe it at first," She said. "It was such a whirlwind of emotions. Things have been pretty tough for me with a little one of my own on the way! But I knew that being strong for others made me feel good. Never did I think that it would come back to me like this!”

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