Mother Aged 98 Moves Into Care Home To Look After 80-Year-Old Son

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Moms just keep on loving their children and this is a screaming example! There are very few things that have the strong bonds between family members. Ada, a 98-year-old mom moved into the Assisted Lifestyle Home Care in Mooresville, North Carolina to care for her oldest son, Tom, who is 80 years-of-age. They also get along really, really well!

Ada and her husband Harry had 4 children, Tom, Margi, Barbara, and Janet who sadly died at the age of 13. Tom worked as a painter and decorator and at some point retired. In 2016, he became a resident at the care facility because he was having problems caring for himself and needed help.

Ada and Tom love spending time together, watching television or playing games. Ada was a former auxiliary nurse and wishes him a good night every evening and good morning at the beginning of every new day.

When she takes off somewhere, Tom is always looking for her and so overjoyed when she finally returns, greeting her with open arms.

Tom is very happy knowing his Mom is right there and is looking after for him.  He loves this home because everyone is just super but admits that once in a while he has to remind Ada to behave herself!

Everyone at the home is truly touched by their close relationship and are so pleased they are able to accommodate both of them and their needs.

Phillip Daniels, Assisted Lifestyle Home Care manager, said that it really is rare to see mums and their children joined together in the same home. “We want to make their time together as special as possible.”  “You never stop being a Mum.” – Ada

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