London Bride’s Partner Was A No-Show At The Wedding But She Wins In The End

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London bride who was left standing alone at the altar of her dream wedding has now said that her former fiancé has written to her just a few days later begging her to take him back. At the last possible moment, Cameron Dills left his partner, Erin Parkinson, standing at the altar alone in front of a combined 200 guests with only a sheepish text saying that he was going to be late. He never showed.

So why the sudden change of heart? Many people get cold feet before a wedding but are able to overcome their fears and worries but this was not the case for Cameron. Instead he decided to make what he later claimed to be “his biggest mistake”. In a flurry of emails following the incident that he said that he “panicked” and fully believed that they could have a happy future together. When Erin confronted him as to why he never showed he only managed to respond with an elusive and evasive message. ‘I didn’t show up because something had happened that was very personal and had to be dealt with immediately and I don’t want to get into it.’ One wonders why with a few days to think of an excuse that this the best he could have come up with?

With some minor investigative work, we discovered the reason for Cameron’s decision change. According to Erin’s Uncle, (who happened to be a successful real estate mogul) he had placed a deposit on a home and booked a lavish holiday for her niece and future spouse. It was his wedding gift to the supposedly happy couple. “I had booked them a nice honeymoon holiday in one of my resorts and had even decided to help them get on the property ladder. It was going to be a wonderful surprise as even Erin didn’t know”.

Given the circumstances Erin decided to take the trip herself with a few close friends and now the house is fully in her name. While she may not be too happy about the how things went down there is always a silver lining. It’s safe to assume when Cameron found out he what he missed out on he was “heartbroken” and incredibly jealous. “He even has offered to pay for marriage counselling for us, to which I replied…. we aren’t even married,” laughed Erin. ‘He said he panicked but he turned his back on me in the worst way possible and to make it worse it was in front of all my friends and family, this is just too bad to be fixed.’ We are absolutely not getting back together.’

We hope for the best for Erin in her future but she seems to be getting on fine. If you want to read more stories from us then add your details to our mailing list. You will also receive exclusive discounts from our store.

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