Irish Wife Returns Home To Unexpected Letter From Her Husband

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When some of us get dumped, we hide from the world, feast on everything, or plot how to punish the person who broke our heart.

But when her husband of 26 years left her for her sister, Linda Monken decided the best way to get back at him was not to cut up his suits or cry to her sister.

Instead, she started blogging and taking to social media to document how she’s dealing with the situation and to show that shes having the time of her life.

Followers can see her shopping in Toronto, posting selfies with Chris Hemsworth, dancing nude in Black Beach, and going on safari’s with young male guides.

‘Apparently... I was a boring wife,’ Linda jokes about herself on her blog, sprinkling articles with photos of her in lingerie, on the beach, and at luxury destinations.

‘I want to inspire other women who’ve experienced a heartbreak or a divorce to carpe diem and live your own life,” Linda tells NewsToday.

‘My message to anybody who reads this is, don’t let anyone influence and dictate your life. Just do you and do what feels right!”

It’s all a far cry from how she felt when she first learned her husband ran off with her sister earlier this year.

‘When he told me: “I’m leaving you forever. I’m in love with your sister,” I was overwhelmed – in a state of shock,’ Linda says. ‘Then I came to the realization that he will no longer going to have an effect on my life.”’

Turning on her laptop, she plotted her future as a woman in control of her own destiny.

‘Now I travel everywhere and bring my child along for all the adventures,’ Linda adds with a twinkle in her eye. ‘And the best part is that I’ve met so many single and gorgeous men on my travels!’

After finalising the divorce, selling her Matha’s vineyard and moving house, Linda set off on an Greek holiday with her girlfriends.

‘I decided to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes along. So if someone phones to say, “join us in Capri” – I’m there!

‘I’m getting so many letters from other women like me saying that I’m their inspiration. 'I just hope that everyone can see that your happiness is a choice,’ she beams. ‘So do you and carpe diem!’

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