Different Types of Cat Beds To Consider

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Cats spend about 16-20 hours a day dozing which is about 70% of their life. While they may fall asleep anywhere in the house they will have their favorite spots. There is nothing better than a full nights sleep in a comfortable bed and just like humans cats want to be comfortable too. Take a look at the list below to see what type of cat bed is best.

1. Furniture beds are great as the cats can rest on the couch right next to their owners.

2. Sometimes cats can be found sitting on a heating vent when it is cold out. Getting them a heated bed will allow them to stay warm and comfortable.

3. Some cats enjoy getting into cave-like spaces so considering a covered bed may be the way to go.

4. There are some beds that are very versatile that should be considered. Some beds like this can be cushioned on one side but more stern on the other and can simply be flipped along with other features.

5. Window beds are like people resting on the couch and having the tv on. Cats that love to look out the window will really like a window bed where they can sleep and look out.

Just like people all cats are different and will have different preferences. Use this list to help pick out the best bed for them. Maybe this Great White Shark Cat Bed will suit your cat that likes to get into more cave-like spaces.


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