Canadian Woman Enjoys Shocking Revenge After Suffering Crazed Man's Rampage

Posted by Sameen Shaw on

A private owner sold a dangerous and unroadworthy Jeep Cherokee with faulty brakes after advertising it online as a "stunning" vehicle.

Evan Alexis made the misleading sale while he was being investigated by Fair Sale and Trade practice.

Prosecutor Kayleigh Bills said: "[The vehicle] was found to have a long list of extremely worrying defects."

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The court heard Josephine Freez saw the second-hand Jeep advertised as "a stunning example of a vehicle of this type".

She travelled from her home to the Evan’s apartment Downtown with her father where she felt like she was being tricked into purchasing the Jeep with faults, deemed as exceptional.

When returning a week later after her purchase, citing issues with the vehicle, Evan Alexis said that they never agreed to any warranty due to a private sale deeming any return invalid. The news left Josephine in tears but knew she had a case regardless of Evan’s manipulative tactics.

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