Canadian Entrepreneur Is Helping Everyone Who Needs It.

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Canadian businessman and philanthropist Jim Pattison has long been known as a kind with his money but his latest donation is prepares one of his most significant for the average Canadian. His significant donation to health care in western Canada will ensure that not just the poorest of the poor will benefit from his donations but also the average hard working blue collar worker. Many families in Western Canada suffer from poor access to healthcare facilities and even more so when it comes to pediatrics, and so Mr Pattison's $50 million contribution to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.


The $50 Million is the largest single donation to a charitable organisation in Saskatchewan's history.  Though he did not wish to have the new building called after him the board of directors believed it to be fitting and named it in his honour, the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital. They stated that "Mr. Pattison's generous donation... will ensure that a world-class children's hospital will finally become a reality in Saskatchewan,".


Recently there has been a trend of the mega rich and successful doing what they can to help out the communities that allowed them to prosper so we hope this generous act will continue to induce others to  follow suit. If you wish to read more similar stories that are uplifting and informative then add yourself to our mailing list. Also be sure to check out the webstore for cool and interesting products.

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