Australian Plane Stewardess Delays Flight Due To Incredible Joy

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Emotion is what makes humans unique, wonderful and special, but sometimes it can lead to some questionable choices. In certain instances, be it in personal or professional lives it is always important to keep emotions in check and not let oneself get carried away. However, have you ever had an emotion so extreme is was just impossible to contain? Well that is exactly what happened for this flight stewardess from Sydney, Australia before her scheduled long haul flight from Sydney to Dallas. Unable to contain her excitement at a sudden transpiring of events she delayed her flights departure for almost 20 minutes. Though this may sound like a annoyance and inconvenience, which it is to some, the circumstances of the events make for a interesting and uplifting read.

Only a few years into her professional career as a flight stewardess Emma Holden was already thinking of a career change. While the excitement of flying around the world visiting exotic and  breathtaking places sounds wonderful in the beginning, the odd hours, long time away from family and friends and the general physical toll of being a long haul air stewardess were starting to outweigh the pros. “ I had seen the world, I had travelled more than most in a lifetime, but I was asking myself, can I live this lifestyle forever? I thought no and that's why I applied for school in the summer. I dreamt of working in the community, something I had long since missed while travelling the globe.” Emma stated in a brief interview. Emma applied for one of the most prestigious colleges in Sydney in order to become a registered nurse.

It was like any other day and Emma was preparing for her take off to Dallas without much thought then to making sure passengers were accounted for and routine checks were being completed. “I had a moment to check my personal messages before the 16 hour flight and that's what shocked me”. Emma had received a full scholarship to attend university as well as a grant to help her with accommodation. Emma had her life changed in an instant and she couldn’t contain her joy and excitement.

In moments of pure hysteria is it hard to contain emotion When she was finally calmed down after 5 minutes she explained what had happened and apologised to the passengers. The captain then made a full announcement and congratulations Emma. “The rest of the flight was a breeze, I can honestly say that I was ‘flying’ at that moment. Pun intended. Since this story broke we did a recent catch up and heard that Emma had handed in her resignation (in the most appreciative way possible) upon landing back in Sydney. Her time in the air was over but not forgotten. She is now ready to begin the in the next semester but is currently taking some time off to reconnect with family and friends.

One of the more wholesome ways for a flight to be delayed and luckily none of the passengers minded and were happy for the momentary delay. Stories that uplift and motivate us are always ones we like to share the most, and Emma's story is just that. If you wish to read more similar stories or care to browse our webstore then add your details to our mailing list. There is always discounts available for subscribers so don’t hesitate!

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