Australian Man Removed From Car Dealership For Being “Too Poor”

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A person who claims he was treated unfairly because he had did not dress formally enough when viewing in a local dealership has sought to get the last laugh. Brendan Fulham from Sydney, Australia said salesmen delayed serving him when he visited his local car dealership and when staff eventually attended to his requests it was only to inform him that he was to leave the store if not being “serious” about getting a car.

“The entire time I was there I was experiencing funny looks and nobody cared to ask me which cars I was interested in. I thought perhaps it would be best to leave but I decided to look at some more cars. I never expected that I would be told to leave for absolutely no reason”.

After some time had passed with Brendan browsing different cars and trying to get the attention of staff, eventually a senior salesperson approached Brendan. Feeling relieved that he was about to get some advice on what car to get, Brendan was about to get a surprise. The senior staff member advised Brendan that the store only dealt in serious customers. He told Brendan “judging by your appearance you do not fit our clientele and that it would be best to leave  the store immediately”. Standing there in disbelief Brendan left to avoid further embarrassment and commotion.

Mr Fulham said he intended to get a new model, but after complaining that the staff at the original dealership showed a complete lack of professionalism he decided to visit a different rival dealership. “I can only put it down to the fact I was wearing trainers and tracksuit pants and had not shaved in a few days”, stated Brendan. “I was told never to judge someone based solely on their appearance”

Brendan decided to return to the car dealership where all this went down but this time he was there to get the last laugh. Driving into the dealership in his new car, wearing his best clothes Brendan decided it was time for a laugh. Coming back with a little note that said he'd bought his new car from a rival dealer. “Their faces were priceless”. It just goes to show you that so many people form bias opinions for superficial reasons. Brendan did get to speak to the manager within moments of arriving at the dealership this time but the meeting was cut short when he was only there to deliver his note and a few words of advice.

'We were subsequently made aware of an allegation. We take any allegation very seriously and as such will be looking into this matter.” A statement released later by the dealership shows us that they may have learnt a valuable lesson. Well done Brendan.

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